Today, reviews have a major role in the reputation of a doctor in the medical sector. Irrespective of the health problem, almost every patient checks online reviews before the selection of a doctor. Here, you will be able to come across key facts about online reviews given by patients and overall influence of such reviews on doctors.


Almost 85% of Doctors Frequently Check Online Reviews on Themselves

With the popularity of innovative devices, like tablets and smartphone devices, the majority of people opt to give their opinions and reviews about doctors over the internet. Because of this, approximately, 85 percent of the doctors across the world check online reviews and numbers of stars they receive from patients on a regular basis.

Over 30% of Doctors Say They Also Check their Competitors’ Reviews by Patients

The success of any doctor during the modern time of internet not only depends on his or her individual reputation in the market, but it also depends on its overall rank among competitors. This has forced over 30 percent of physicians not only to check reviews about their own, but also the reviews are given by patients about their competitors.

44% of Patients would go to an Out-of-Network Doctor if their Reviews were better

Gone are the days when people satisfy with the treatment, medication and cure of doctor staying nearby. Instead, today, an increase of internet facility has enhanced the awareness of people about doctors, clinics and treatment solutions. For this reason, about 44% of patients opt to schedule an appointment with the doctor, who stays even out of the network in case they receive better reviews about him.

Over 60% of Doctors Report their Reviews as Fair

With the objective to retain good reputation among patients, today more than 60 percent of doctors not only check reviews online, but also they opt to justify and report their online reviews as genuine and fair.

39% of Patients Use Reviews to Evaluate their Current Doctor

With the awareness about different types of diagnosing methods, treatment solutions, medical care and other related services offered by doctors in the healthcare sector, most of the patients do not get satisfaction with the care shown by a particular doctor until and unless they compare it to others in detail. This has inspired about 39% of patients to use online reviews for evaluation of diagnosing, medical care, treatment and medication offered by their real doctor.

60% of Patients Use Online Reviews to Pre-determine Quality of Care Over all Other Factors, including Wait Times and Photos of the Office

Other than this, medication and type of treatment, patients of modern times also give concern to many other factors while scheduling an appointment with doctors. One can get justification about it based on the fact that about 60 percent of patients rely on online reviews to pre-determine about the quality of medical care they would receive from doctors, which include wait times and photos or background of any clinic or healthcare office.

Over 60% of Patients use Online Reviews before Selecting a Doctor

Whether a person has to go for a regular body checkup annually or to get treatment for any problem, say fever or stomach disorder, patients usually opt to visit online reviews before they go for a selection of a doctor.

From 2013 to 2014, there was a 68% Increase in Usage of Online Reviews

Initially, the internet and online reviews have remained confined to only limited sectors. However, with the passage of time, it has increased to an enormous extent, particularly in the healthcare sector. One can get justification about this fact based on 68% increase in the application of online reviews by patients during the period between 2013 and 2014 for selection of a right doctor to avail of quality treatment.

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